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A Variety of Services

Language Office has the experience and the capabilities to help you communicate with foreign-speaking markets within the United States and throughout the rest of the world.


Although the primary focus of our business is translation and interpretation, we  are also specialists in a wide range of other language-related services, including


- localizing software and web pages

- voice-overs for television, radio, and films

- multilingual copywriting

- desktop-publishing

- cultural consulting

- foreign language lessons


Whats more, Language Office works in over 100 languages and has experience in many different industries.


Another bonus that Language Office provides is a free evaluation of any document that has previously been translated.


Why a team approach produces the best results.

To translate a document, Language Office uses a comprehensive process involving the talents of numerous experts who are well versed in both the target and source languages.


The process begins by assigning a Project Manager who acts as a liaison between the client and Language Office.


The Project Manager analyzes the clients source documents and selects the most appropriate translator and editor for the assignment. 


The Translator is always fluent in the target language. For instance, if a document needs translating from English into Russian, we insist that the translator be Russian or, at least, been raised in a Russian-speaking home.


As a result, the translator is always well aware of cultural differences, nuances and taboos. Furthermore, the majority of Language Office translators are accredited by the American Translation Association.


The Editor proofreads the translated document and checks spelling, punctuation and language usage. In addition, the editor ensures industry terminology and expressions are accurate and up-to-date. 


Above all, the Editor makes sure the translated document reads as fluidly and as naturally as if it has been written in that language in the first place.